Anadol Deposit
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Anadol deposit - quality and ecologically rare earth ore

We will provide a fast growth of high technology.


The rare-earth ores of the cerium group (cerium, neodymium, praseodymium, lanthanum) is a strategic raw material.


Exploration and mining project with high level of profitability:
- Net Profit Margin 199.3%
- Profitability Index of Investment 4.3


Exploration and modeling of deposit is carried out by highly skilled specialists who have great experience both in Ukraine and abroad. Mining and technological solutions are being developed in leading European laboratories.


The place of sale of our commodity products is the Mariupol port. The distance between the Anadol deposit and the port of Mariupol is 47 km.

Ce, La, Pr, Nd

They are used in high-tech processes for the production of magnets and batteries for modern cars, electric vehicles, turbine units in wind energy, etc.


The highest grade in Europe(Σ(TR)O is 3,47% in ore) Unlike traditional REE deposits, non-radioactive ores (28-38 mR/hr)

Why are we doing this?

We will provide a fast growth of high technology

Last news

RM Minings received analysis results from ALS, Romania. This report is for 82 samples of 1/2 core submitted to laboratory
In the laboratory of the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Geological Company" were tested the physical and mechanical properties of granite and
Our company took part in the International Rare Earths Webinar, organized by Metal Events Ltd. RM Minings LLC met and

Anadol deposit - quality and ecologically rare earth ore.

What is Anadol Deposit

  • Ore grade TREO, %
  • 20%
  • Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources, 000 t
  • 60%
  • Concentrate grade TREO, %
  • 80%
31 10000000
Norra Karr