Anadol deposit - quality and ecologically rare earth ore.
We will provide a fast growth of high technology

RM MININGS performed a preliminary geological and economic assessment and approved the reserves in the State Commission for Reserves of Ukraine.

 Reserves, tResources, tTotal, t
Rare earth ore635 221200 044835 265
Crush stone 17 877 00017 877 00
The average thickness of the ore body is 1.7 m. The average grade of rare earth oxides in reserves and resources Σ(TR)O are 3.47% (with the cut-off grade – 0.3%). Composition Σ(TR)O – La2O3 – 22.4%, Ce2O3– 50.02%, Pr2O3 – 4.22%, Nd2O3 – 20.05


An open mining method is assumed with the possibility of combined system of mining method.
The first stage of mining is planned by open pit to +90 meters above sea level (100 meters deep).
Favorable mining conditional

  • Simple mining conditions with ore body outcrops
  • Open pit period provides quick payback
  • Quick start of production during 1 year of investment
  • Integrated mining with the crushed stone production from overburden
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During 1 year
Open Pit
During 15 years
During 5 years
Life mine 20 years
24 drill holes were drilled23 trenches were dug
Chemical testing (105 samples)Chemical testing (231 samples)
Spectral assay (214 samples)Spectral assay (254 samples)
Soil sampling (171 samples)
31 10000000
Norra Karr