RM Minings LLC — is a private Company, that intends to extract rare earth ores of the Anadol deposit in the Donetsk region (Ukraine). The company has received a special permit for subsoil use from the State Service for Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine (Gosgeonadra) dated September 20, 2019 № 6370.

Our company is proud of its experienced specialists who know how to make effective decisions on mining based on the latest design technologies and vast professional experience. We plan to use the latest innovations and become a reliable supplier of high quality end-to-end rare earth products.
Our achievements and immediate plans

The project of our company RM Minings is related to a critically important product and item in short supply: oxides of rare earth elements. The expediency of the project is confirmed by the lack of these products in the domestic and high demand in international markets.

The company-supplier of this product will become a monopolist in the Ukrainian market. In the course of our activity, we also take into account the guidance of international agencies on rising prices for these raw materials on world exchanges, due to the growth of its consumption.

Our specialists performed a preliminary geological-economic assessment of the deposit and calculated the reserves of rare earth ores of according to the current legislation, were approved by the State Commission of Ukraine on Mineral Resources (SCR).

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In 2020 – 2021, our Company in cooperation with the Turkish company Pozitif Sonday, drilled 10 holes (483.6 running meters), and the core samples were taken from them – to study the composition of ores and distribution of rare earth elements, selection of optimal schemes for ore processing technology. category C1 and resources of category P1, which,
The study of these and other samples was performed in leading European laboratories: ANZAPLAN (Germany), SGS (Bor, Serbia), NPM SILMET OÜ (Estonia), ALS, Rosia Montana, Alba (Romania). This year, the Company plans to increase the profitability of rare earth ore mining by introducing concomitant production of high-quality granite macadam. SE “Ukrainian Geological Company” (Ukraine) conducted tests of physical and mechanical properties of granite of the Anadol deposit and made appropriate conclusions about the necessity of production. At present, the Company’s specialists screen the suppliers of modern crushing and screening equipment and relevant special equipment.
Thanks to the results of our research and the high professionalism of the Company’s employees, we have developed a detailed plan for the efficient development of the Anadol deposit.
The development strategy of our Company envisages rapid production of marketable products (for the second year of development) and reaching the maximum production capacity of 30 thousand tons of rare earth ores per year and 1-1.2 million tons of granite per year, which will ensure annual production of oxides of rare earth elements in the amount of 600 tons and the production of crushed stone and related products with a total volume of 1 million tons per year.
The geographical location of the Anadol deposit near the railway infrastructure and the seaport allows the use of low-cost logistics scheme in the transportation of the products.

Our Team

Exploration and modeling of deposit is carried out by highly skilled specialists who have great experience both in Ukraine and abroad. Mining and technological solutions are being developed in leading European laboratories

Oleksandr Prokopenko

Oleksandr has experience in working at geological enterprises. Participated in the
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geological and economic assessment of deposits of sand, rare earths, gold and other ore minerals. He has experience in 3D modeling of ore deposits. He has more than three publications in specialized geological editions. Oleksandr leads the preparation of the Anadol deposit for the development.
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Oleksii Falkovich

Oleksiy has over 40 years’ experience in geology. He was a direct participant and
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later head of geological exploration of the Klyntsi gold deposit in 1991 - 2002. He has conducted numerous geological studies of ore deposits, mineral resources assessment, and professional supervision over mining production, development and implementation of programs for clients in USA, South America (Peru, Panama, and Chile), Europe (Turkey, Russia and Ukraine), and Africa.
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Kurylo Mariia

Mariia brings deep knowledge and more than 10 years of practical experience in
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financial analysis of geology and mineral reserves valuation, as well as expertise in minerals commodity markets. She participated in various exploration projects working on geological and economic evaluation of iron, manganese, titanium, and gold deposits located in Ukraine, Asia and Africa regions. She is contributing her expertise into the development of a Feasibility Study and Mineral Reserves Valuation of the Klyntsi gold deposit.
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Natalia Viliatser

Natalia is a certified professional accountant with over 20 years of experience in various
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areas of economic activity, including the mining industry. She supports the accounting and internal auditing for Lyra Mine Minerals. Natalia is preeminent in assembling and ensuring that corporate financial reports are held to the highest standard of National Accounting Standards (NAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). She is an integral party engaged in the exploration and development of mineral deposits, heading the transition, alignment and audit of Ukrainian accounting and reporting standards to international accounting and reporting standards.Natalia is certified with the ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and is accredited by the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM).
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