• RM Minings LLC has joined the network of the European Raw Materials Alliance – ERMA
    The European Raw Materials Alliance (https://erma.eu/) was established in 2020 as part of the EU Critical Raw Materials Action Plan and the publication of the EU Critical Raw Materials List 2020. The main goal of ERMA is to reduce the dependence of European consumers of mineral resources on third countries, to diversify supplies from both […]
  • Report of the detail geological exploration was completed
    LLC “Geological Service Company GSK” performed a detailed geological exploration works and made report. The report was submitted to the State Commission of Ukraine for Mineral Resources for examination
  • Sample sending
    Assembled representative technological core sample and delivered to ANZAPLANE laboratory
  • REIA Webinar on Rare Earth Market and Geo-Economics
    RM Minings took part in the REIA Webinar on Rare Earth Market and Geo-Economics. Our team continues to work with various members of the REE community.
  • Analysis results obtained in ALS
    RM Minings received analysis results from ALS, Romania. This report is for 82 samples of 1/2 core submitted to laboratory in Rosia Montana, Alba, Romania.
  • RM Minings received a rock test report and a mineralogical report for granite
    In the laboratory of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company” were tested the physical and mechanical properties of granite and the petrographic and mineralogical composition of rocks on 15 prepared samples was analyzed.
  • International Rare Earths Webinar
    Our company took part in the International Rare Earths Webinar, organized by Metal Events Ltd. RM Minings LLC met and became an integral part of the REE community.
  • Geological logging and sampling
    In the middle of December 2020 geological logging and sampling were completed. Works Value Geology logging 10 drill holes 483,6 m Sampling 96 samples Analyses for REE  64 samples Physical and mechanical properties of granite  32 samples
  • Analysis results obtained in NPM SILMET OÜ
    At the end of November, a sample was sent to Estonia to the NPM SILMET OÜ, there they conducted research and received the results. Download file.
  • The First Stage of Geological Exploration Program 2020 is underway
    In November 2020 RM Minings had contracted a Turkish company Pozitif Sondaj (http://pozitifsondaj.com.tr) to execute the first stage of the drilling program. In the scope of the exploration program 10 holes were drilled (~480 m total length) with the depth variance between 20 m to 100 m.
  • Analysis results obtained in SGS
    The chemical (analytical) composition of the sample was determined by the mass spectrophotometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-MS, IMS40B) with the preliminary three-acid dissolution, which was performed in the SGS laboratory (Bor, Serbia). Download file.
  • Signing an agreement with ANZAPLANE and first preliminary analysis.
    In the summer 2020 start working with ANZAPLANE.In June, a bulk sample weighing 510 kg (2 boxes ) was taken and sent to the ANZAPLAN laboratory in Germany.In August we got report review and preliminary analysis of REE mineral samples of the Anadol deposit, Ukraine.
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