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The rare-earth ores of the cerium group (cerium, neodymium, praseodymium, lanthanum) is a strategic raw material.


Exploration and modeling of deposit is carried out by highly skilled specialists who have great experience both in Ukraine and abroad. Mining and technological solutions are being developed in leading European laboratories.

Ce, La, Pr, Nd

They are used in high-tech processes for the production of magnets and batteries for modern cars, electric vehicles, turbine units in wind energy, etc.


Exploration and mining project with high level of profitability:
- Net Profit Margin 199.3%
- Profitability Index of Investment 4.3


The place of sale of our commodity products is the Mariupol port. The distance between the Anadol deposit and the port of Mariupol is 47 km.


The highest grade in Europe(Σ(TR)O is 3,47% in ore)
Unlike traditional REE deposits, non-radioactive ores (28-38 mR/hr)


Ukraine is the country with a developed mining industry and a mineral resourced base, including iron ore, manganese ore, uranium, REE, titanium, and nickel. The licensed area is located in Volnovaha district of Donetsk region, 2.5-3.0 km north-east of Anadol village.
Licensed area - 16.2 ha.
Owned land area - 34 ha.
The licensed area is located in an region with good transport infrastructure and near the railway


Rare-earth elements are necessary across a high-tech products, green energy technologies.

The main part in concentrate is light REE 97.17 %(La2O3 – 22.4%, Ce2O3– 50.02%, Pr2O3 – 4.22%, Nd2O3 – 20.05%)

The market for rare earth elements is expected to grow by an average of 8% per year for the period 2019-2024. The main factors affecting the growth of the REE market are in high demand for developed economies, the dependence of "green technologies" on rare earth elements.


Special permit for subsoil use and Land Permit
Special permit for mining of rare earth ores №6370 dated September 20, 2019.


The place of sale of our commodity products is the Mariupol port. The distance between the Anadol deposit and the port of Mariupol is 47 km. The most optimal delivery way consists of 3 km of motor transport and 58 km of railway.

Economic efficiency

The project provides net profit $17.6 million per year with comparatively low production cost.
Net cash flow, million $ 260.0
NPV, million $ 97.0
РВР - payback period, years 2

What is Anadol Deposit

Ore grade, %
Inferred Resource, '000 t
Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources, '000 t
Concentrate grade (TR)O, %
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